Someday I will find my Prince, but MY DADDY will always be MY KING!

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Do you ever wonder why the Bride’s father is often the all- voted hero in every wedding? (Yes I have the time to wonder about such things). We have all cried and laughed watching the movie “Father of the bride” with its not one but total of three sequels. (I checked, there is no movie ever made on ‘mother of the bride’) . Surely he cannot be hogging so much limelight only because the father finally pays for the whole thing!  I mean yes that could be one of the reasons, especially if you are an Indian father but there is definitely more to this.

The strong, emotional and almost invisible Bond that a Father shares with his Daughter cannot be put in words. Most girls confess with pride, of being a “Daddy’s girl”. In fact it’s said that often women are attracted to men who are like their Father. Nothing and no one in a woman’s life can replace the Protection, Strength, Warmth and the Unconditional love of a Father.

As for a Father, a Daughter’s wedding is I would say one of the most bewildering experience. Even the toughest men seem to capitulate to this emotional kaleidoscope. It’s paradoxical, to be at the peak of Happiness and dolefulness both at the same time.

We at Pixel & Lens have had countless opportunities to capture this precious, Unconditional, most valuable bond of affection and emotions in all its subtleness and splendour. Sharing a few of such priceless clicks which tell their own story of Love and sentiments. But before that……..

Today on Father’s Day, we take this opportunity

to wish..

a world of HEALTH, HAPPINESS and LOVE to each and every loving FATHER!

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