The Freeze Button of Life!

Weddings are so exciting. The contagious, happy hustle and bustle is a voluntarily accepted torment that couples take upon themselves with great pride and joy. Because after all, it’s a knot for a lifetime and one wants to do it right! Perfect to be precise.

But have you ever wondered after all that effort you put in, what is it that actually stays from this special day? (No I don’t mean the husband, he surely will be there forever and ever!). To think of it, the flower decorations which is burning a hole in your pocket will waste away, the expensive lehenga will gradually but surely get withered, the super shiny shoes may go back into the box, well preserved for a slow death. So what is it that stays? that one thing having the capability to instantly transfer you back to your glorious event, to the nostalgia, to the emotions, to your perfect hair and makeup, to the grooms lovely smile, the father’s teary eyes,......what? That my friend is the power of a PHOTOGRAPH!

With the growing importance and insight that is being put on wedding photography, choosing the right photographer almost seems to be fighting for a spot alongside choosing the right groom! (Why not! since both are forever!).

We spoke to several couples who seem to have got it right and have compiled their wisdom just for you. Tips and tricks to make sure your story with all its emotions, passion and Drama is well captured to let you relive that pure happiness again and again and again..

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Be clear, see clear!

The sentimental value of hiring the same photographer who clicked all the other events in your family may not pay off here. You should be clear of how you want your memories, your story, your Big day to be captured and preserved.

Get thorough with what is available in the market, what is the general trend, what is new and what is it is that you like from it all Do your research.

Nowadays, several couples choose to completely ditch the conventional full wedding photo album and prefer a package of ‘candid photos only’, whereas some like to go all out in grandness and wish to have every second recorded including a pre-wedding and post wedding shoot. Thus being well informed and aware of *What you Want* from the available options will be a great start.

“Seek and you will find!”

Don’t just sit there eating ice cream in other people’s weddings. Get the word out for your perfect photographer. Ask friends, family, colleagues and of course the information God - Google. Social media is surely the most readily and easily available source for your search. A lot of Couples find their photographer on Instagram as well.  Pixel and Lens Instagram

But then how do you judge if you have struck gold? well usual parameters to judge a photographer and his work would be Creativity displayed in his photos, dexterity in capturing ,presentation style and lastly and most importantly flexible and friendly- if he is not a comforting ‘good vibe only’ person no amount of skill will help to bring the best out of you and him.

At Pixel & Lens we have always experienced that the young and comforting vibe of our team is what steals the heart of the client even before we can present our final work. This positive feedback always tops our reviews chart

Make an Informed decision!

Once you do zero down on someone do a thorough check. See their work on social media. Visit their website. Read the testimonials and Review. Do meet him in person or a zoom call to understand all he has to offer. Does he fit the bill? Are his promises in tandem with his deliverables?  If you are very specific about what you want or your budget, make sure you convey it to him so as to not be disappointed later.

At Pixel and Lens, we always insist on having a detailed meeting with our clients before taking a job, to understand their requirements and expectations as also to share our expertise and experience making it a win-win deal for both! Our customised package created just for you, turns out to be a perfect fit!

POA - Plan of Action!

Planning is everything. You planned your dress, your makeup, your oh so dreamy venue, But Lo! You forgot to plan your time on the D - day. Did not keep time for Photos. What a pity!

Always have special time kept aside for pictures of yourselves and with your near and dear ones. Make a list of all the key moments in the ceremony and share all details with your photographer. Simple details about the colour scheme, clothes, venue décor etcetera have a very big impact on how the photos will be taken and turnout. Where on the venue you want to shoot, how is the lighting there, any reference image that u like and wish to recreate are important points of discussion with the photographer. So plan in detail and well in advance. Alas don’t forget to inform your family about your plan, so they can be ready to roll!


Lastly when the big day comes don’t forget to enjoy!  Don’t try to Micro- manage everything. Delegate in advance- after all friends and family are not there only for free food.  Be calm and happy. Things may not go as planned, the dress may or may not fit the best. But always remember whenever you see a photo it’s the mood that hits you first and not the dress or the place in particular.

A happy photo even in pyjamas will be more cherished than the most beautiful dress on a frowning sad face. So do your part and leave the rest on God (and your photographer!).

Pixel & Lens - By Chintan Meghani

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”- Katie Thurmes.

At Pixel & Lens we make this happen. Our creative team of highly talented artists specialise in offering a one stop solution for all your requirements of wedding photos and films. The young energy and a skilled, flexible and friendly approach to the art of photography ensures our timely deliverables exceed our client’s expectations and make magical memories to last a lifetime.

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